Gallery One
"We are   uniquely Different and yet the Same."
"The Line of Gold Leaf Represents the Value of Life and our Link to the Future."
Continuum II
diptych oil/g.leaf/canvas   47x40
Death & Transfiguration
diptych oil/g.leaf/canvas 47x40
Color Transfiguration
oil/g.leaf/canvas   35x33
Point Of View
oil/g.leaf/canvas  30x24
Danza della Vita
oil/g.leaf/canvas   38x36
Who Has The Highest Calling?
oil/g.leaf/canvas   24x24
I, Said The Child
oil/g/leaf/canvas  24x24
Full Bloom
oil/g.leaf/canvas  30x24
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Thought Release
Oil/canvas   24x24
Oil/canvas     24x24
Oil/g.leaf/canvas  21x21
Yesterday & Tomorrow
/canvas       30x40